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Discover the art of Marshalling in Medieval Armoured Combat, where dedicated individuals ensure safety, fairness, and authenticity while overseeing adrenaline-pumping battles between armored knights in the arena. Unleash your inner Marshal today!

Marshal Highlights
The Pillars of Medieval Armoured Combat

Uphold the Honor of the Tournament

As a marshal, you become a guardian of honor and sport's heritage. This section explores your vital responsibilities in ensuring fair play, safety, authenticity, and accurate scoring. Embrace the challenge and preserve the integrity and spirit of every thrilling clash in the list.

Fair Judgement and Scoring

Upholding the Integrity of Medieval Armoured Combat

At the core of any sport lies the importance of fair play, and medieval armoured combat is no exception. Marshals play a crucial role in ensuring that each contest is judged fairly and accurately, preserving the integrity of the sport and fostering a sense of camaraderie among fighters.

As impartial overseers of combat, marshals assess each strike, evaluating its strength, trajectory, and body movement involved. A keen eye for detail is essential to differentiate between valid strikes and those that do not meet the criteria for scoring. Marshals are well-versed in the nuances of weapon usage, understanding the difference between a hit with the edge of the sword versus the flat, or how the distance of a strike affects its scoring potential.

Marshals also monitor the conduct of fighters, ensuring that all rules and regulations are followed throughout the competition. By maintaining a strict standard of fairness, marshals cultivate an atmosphere of respect and sportsmanship among the participants.

In instances where disputes arise or a fighter's captain requests an appeal, marshals may collaborate with video supervisors to review footage and make informed decisions on scoring and rule enforcement. This commitment to transparency helps maintain the credibility of the sport, ensuring that each victory is earned through skill and determination.

By embracing the role of a marshal, you become an essential part of preserving the integrity of medieval armoured combat, fostering a sense of fair play and respect that underpins the spirit of the sport.


Unleashing the Warrior Within
The Exciting World of Medieval Armoured Combat

Discover the thrilling world of medieval armoured combat, where strength, skill, and strategy merge with historical authenticity. Embrace the adrenaline rush as you witness powerful knockouts, master the art of the clinch, and learn the intricacies of scoring. From weight categories to dominant positions, explore the various aspects of this full-contact sport that brings the past to life. Join the ranks of modern-day warriors and immerse yourself in an experience like no other, where history and athleticism collide.

The Thrill of the Fight
An Introduction to Medieval Armoured Combat

Step into the exhilarating world of medieval armoured combat, where history and modern athleticism collide. This full-contact sport pits fighters against one another in spectacular displays of martial prowess, testing their strength, skill, and strategic thinking. Clad in historically accurate armour, competitors wield authentic weapons, recreating the fierce battles of a bygone era. From singles duels to large-scale melee engagements, medieval armoured combat offers an adrenaline-fueled experience unlike any other sport.

The Art of Delivering a Powerful Finish

In medieval armoured combat, a knockout represents a decisive victory, showcasing the fighter's ability to land a powerful, debilitating blow. Achieving a knockout requires precision, timing, and a deep understanding of one's weapons and opponent. A well-executed knockout is not only a testament to the fighter's skill, but also a thrilling spectacle for spectators. While safety is paramount, and referees closely monitor the action, knockouts embody the intensity and high stakes of this full-contact sport.

The Clinch
A Close-Quarters Dance of Strength and Skill

In the heat of battle, fighters often find themselves locked in a clinch – a close-quarters grapple where opponents struggle for dominance. The clinch is a test of strength, skill, and strategy, as fighters maneuver for control, seeking to land powerful strikes or throw their adversary to the ground. Mastery of the clinch is essential for success in medieval armoured combat, demanding a combination of physical power, agility, and tactical acumen.

Weight Categories
Finding Your Place in the Battlefield

To ensure fair competition, medieval armoured combat events are divided into weight categories, allowing fighters of similar size and strength to face off against one another. From lightweight to super-heavyweight, each category offers unique challenges and opportunities for fighters to showcase their skills. Competing in the appropriate weight class not only levels the playing field but also helps ensure safety and fosters camaraderie among participants.

The Dominant Position
Mastering Key Tactical Situations