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Three axes made by Hammer & Scales in VIC

Weapons, Armour
and where to buy it!

Welcome to the world of Armoured Combat, where fighters don't just play at being knights, they become knights. In this sport, combatants don steel armour and wield steel weapons, recreating the experience of medieval combat in a thrilling and safe manner. To ensure everyone's safety, the sport has specific parameters for the design and construction of armour and weapons, and this page will cover all the details you need to know. But what if you're new to the sport or just starting out? Don't worry, we've got you covered. Softkit armour and weapons are available for training and practice, so you can get the hang of things before you suit up in steel. And for those looking to invest in top-quality gear, we've also included information on where to buy the best armour and weapons on the market.

Helmet made by Medieval Extreme
Buckler made by Hammer & Scales
Axes made by Hammer & Scales

Steel armour and weapons

Experience the thrill of medieval combat with real steel weapons and armor in Buhurt. Safety is of the utmost importance in this full-contact sport, which is why we highly recommend purchasing your gear from our trusted suppliers.

Our weapons and armour are made by the finest blacksmiths and armourers in the industry. Visit their websites or social media pages to see the incredible work they produce.


Trust us, you won't be disappointed

Buhurt Weapons and Armour Manufacturers

Hammer & Scales
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Medieval Extreme Logo - Square with grey background.png
GoHurt Logo #2.jpeg
GF Workshop.png
Armorysmith Logo.png
Winner Armour.png
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Bascinet helmet of Alexander (ROA) brass cross.jpeg

Discover Your Armour at Medieval Extreme!

Gear up at Medieval Extreme! 🛡️ Use code BEASTS for Free Priority Shipping. Quality armour, wallet-friendly prices. Conquer in style!


Use code BEASTS for Free Priority Shipping.

Softkit Weapons and Armour

Take your Buhurt training to the next level with the right gear! To train safely and effectively, it's crucial to have quality softkit armour.

Our club and fighters have relied on the following manufacturers for their gear.


These are brands we trust and use every time we train - you won't regret investing in their products!

Sparta Training - Helmet
Sparta Training - Round Shield.jpeg
Sparta Training - One Handed Axe

Softkit Armour and Weapons Suppliers

Sparta Training - Logo
Forged Foam Logo.png
Gorge Tech Logo.png

Buhurt depends heavily on the weapons used by the fighters.

With steel weapons being a central element in Buhurt, it is important to establish strict parameters that ensure the weapons are both safe and effective for use in combat. These parameters not only protect the fighters from potential injury, but also ensure that the sport remains fair and competitive.

In this regard, it is crucial to have a thorough understanding of the important parameters for steel weapons in Buhurt, and to enforce them rigorously to maintain the highest standards of safety and fairness in the sport.

Buhurt Battle
Neil Jose Photography - Harry Bredhauer
Neil Jose Photography - Colin Campbell
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