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DIY Soft kit Single Handed Weapon Guide

Materials Needed

- PVC Pipe

- Sticky Foam (see Colin for details)

- Duct Tape

- Packaging Tape

- Marker

- Stanley Knife

- Scissors

Building the Base of the Weapon

  1. Cut the PVC pipe to your desired length (typically 40cm-90cm, depending on core strength).

  2. Cap each end of the PVC pipe with foam, securing them with packaging tape.

  3. Trace and cut two strips of foam as wide and long as the PVC pipe.

  4. Remove the backing from the foam strips and adhere them to each side of the PVC.

  5. Trace and cut another two strips of foam as wide as the PVC and the first layer of foam combined.

  6. Stick these strips to the flat sides of the PVC, now covered in foam.

  7. Cap the ends with squares of foam and secure with tape.

Crafting the Pommel

  • Optional: If you have a bolt or counterweight, insert it into the core and secure it with tape.

  1. Cut a rectangle of foam 5-7cm wide, long enough to wrap around one end of your weapon.

  2. Peel off the backing and wrap the foam strip around the end, trimming any excess.

  3. Begin taping at the bottom with 2-3 strips of tape crisscrossed. Then, wrap tape around the sides of the pommel, extending partially onto the handle.

Forging the Axe Head

  1. Decide the length of your axe head (7mm to your preference).

  2. Trace and cut strips of foam based on the desired axe head length.

  3. Stack and adhere a minimum of four foam strips (for this guide, six were used) to form the axe head.

  4. Attach the axe head to the weapon.

  5. Cut two 2-3mm wide strips, as long as your axe head, and attach them to the side of the blade. This is a safety feature to prevent the axe from penetrating helmets.

Final Taping

  1. Use packaging tape to tightly wrap from the pommel up to the base of your weapon head.

  2. Cover the entire weapon head with duct tape, applying it gently but firmly. Ensure the tape is smooth and fully adherent.

  3. Finish by wrapping the rest of your handle in duct tape. For an enhanced grip, consider adding a layer of cloth tape over the handle.

Congratulations! You've crafted your own Buhurt training weapon. Enjoy your training sessions!

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