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from the Perspective of The Member


For members, the AMCF's tech proposal is set to enhance the overall experience of being part of the federation. The initiative promises a unified and efficient online experience through the central 'Parent' website, facilitating seamless interaction and access to information. The member management system will ensure better engagement and streamlined communication. Members will have access to a wealth of educational materials and support resources, enhancing their knowledge and skills in Buhurt. The introduction of the Armour Selector and Club Merch stores presents new, tailored shopping experiences, potentially at a discount. Members will benefit from the federation's strengthened risk management and comprehensive insurance coverage. Moreover, the proactive involvement of AMCF in event planning and the organisation of Nationals promises well-managed and safer events. Members will have a say in the system's development and evolution through structured feedback mechanisms, ensuring that their needs and preferences are considered.

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