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from the Clubs Perspective


From the clubs' viewpoint, the AMCF tech proposal presents a transformative shift in operations and member engagement. Clubs stand to benefit from the unified digital platform, offering a centralised point of interaction and information. The member management system will streamline administrative tasks and foster a cohesive community. Educational and support resources will be readily available, empowering clubs with the knowledge and tools for efficient management. The centralised legal compliance simplifies the new member integration process. Financially, clubs can tap into new revenue streams through the Armour Selector and Club Merch stores. The initiative also supports clubs in risk management, aligning with insurance requirements, and provides guidance for new club formation. Clubs are integral to the feedback mechanism, ensuring their needs and suggestions shape the project's development. However, clubs must also adapt to the new system, balancing the benefits with the responsibilities of managing member fees and aligning with the centralised framework.

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