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from the Perspective of The AMCF


The AMCF is poised to introduce a comprehensive tech initiative that revolutionises the Australian Medieval Combat Federation's operations. Key components of the proposal include creating a unified digital platform on the Wix platform to integrate all Buhurt Clubs, implementing a member management system for improved engagement, providing extensive support resources for clubs, and ensuring centralised legal compliance. Additionally, the initiative will introduce innovative revenue generation tools like the 'Armour Selector' system and individualised 'Club Merch' stores. Risk management and compliance with insurance protocols will be addressed through a dedicated section. The initiative also extends support for new club formation and maintains proactive communication with stakeholders. Financial aspects of the project are thoroughly planned, with a detailed budget, financial planning, and multiple payment options for club fees. The implementation timeline is structured to ensure a phased and efficient rollout. Stakeholder involvement is central to the project, with strategies in place to ensure active engagement and feedback pre and post-launch. Risk management and contingency plans are meticulously laid out to address potential challenges. In essence, this tech system represents a significant stride toward a more connected, resourceful, and sustainable federation.

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